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Gain a powerful competitive edge with our dental data analytics software by getting actionable insights.

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We help customers grow with data

The Dental Analytics Platform — done right.

Dentallytic’s cloud-based platform helps you to capture and analyze all types of data, enabling you to understand a single or ALL your practices in new and powerful ways.

PMS Integrations

We integrate withr 20 practice management systems & more data sources.

Personalized Dashboards

Dashboards with aggregated data visualizations for all operational needs.


No more manual paperwork and get everything you need in your inbox or on your phone.


Organize your clinics or teams by region or whatever you like.

Data Backups

Feel good that you will never lose your data with us.

Data Security

We take security seriously and adhere to NIST security controls.

Automatically collect & aggregate your data

Connect multiple practices. View a single practice, group or segment your data however you like.

Efficient. Automate your reporting needs and remove manual processes from your workflow.


Comprenshive dashboard views of your clinics.

Visualize your data. Easily visualize your data, identify problems and opportunities and take action.

Improve your business. Dentallytics helps you make sense of the data you collect.

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We've made it easy for hundreds of clinics to build their dream dental organization.






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Dentallytics makes it easier for you to make smart decisions by connecting you to your practice data, wherever and whenever you need it.

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