Do you know the potential of your practice?

How does your clinic(s) measure up?

DentallyticsTM objectively provides you with easy to use and understand, measurement models and comparative reporting. This knowledge leads to planned strategies to increase performance and profitability. Virtual Coaching is included every month to enhance the value of the reporting models; maximize the return on your existing client base by increasing efficiency and profitability.

While you focus on your patients’ care, we will focus on the health of your dental practice. DentallyticsTM provides the tools needed to manage the stability and profitability of your practice.

Benchmark your practice against key indicators! We know what to measure and how to measure it. Often this data is hidden deep in your records. Everyone has responsibilities that can be measured. DentallyticsTM simplifies the key drivers of your business.

Know what is occurring in real time and be able to effectively plan as a result of having these tools at your fingertips.

  • Complete analysis of your daily operations
  • Insightful statistics on patients, procedures, referrals and other key indicators.
  • Reliable expert business analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Monthly One on One Virtual Coaching